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Rickaro Bookshop is celebrating a grant from a renowned crime writer.

children's sectionawardWe were delighted to be given an award from the international author James Patterson Independent Bookshop Grants. This was to revamp the children’s section. This has now been done, using local businesses, with stunning results. This has made a tremendous difference to the appearance and friendly atmosphere of the shop.

Tilly Young Readers Club

Tilly buttonRevised stock, seating area and so much more. Also why not joing our new ‘Tilly’s Young Readers Club receive a badge, membership card and discount off purchases.

See all the new books and discuss titles with our friendly staff.

We are also planning parent and toddler reading groups so why not call in for details.

School visits welcome.


A reader's Brough motorcycle on a visit to Rickaro bookshop.

Unusual and Fine Volumes at Rickaro Books

Just a taste of the unusual books that you may find in Horbury

James Joyce The Cats of Copenhagen

Joyce and catA further most unusual and elusive volume that we have in stock is the ITHYS PRESS edition of James Joyce’s Story for Children, The Cats of Copenhagen in a rare, special edition of 200 copies, of which 170 are Numbered copies. It is one of these that we have for you to see.

Exquisite, surprising, and with a keen, almost anarchic subtext, THE CATS OF COPENHAGEN is a slightly younger twin sister to The Cat and the Devil, the only other known example of James Joyce writing a story for young children. Both works, penned within a few weeks of each other, are in letters posted to his only grandchild, Stephen James Joyce. At the time of writing, Joyce was taking a much-needed break in Denmark and four-year-old Stephen was staying at the Villa des Roses in Menthon-St-Bernard.

This Ithys Press first edition is set from the text of the original manuscript letter dated 5 September 1936. The letter is among the many items donated to the Zurich James Joyce Foundation by Hans E. Jahnke, son of Giorgio Joyce’s second wife, Asta. Nearly lost and forgotten, it is a joy to see this delightful story in print at last.

Joyce’s internationalist spirit and eccentric humour inspire the design. Michael Caine has printed this large-format letterpress edition with virtuoso skill, setting the text in a wondrously expressive array of original, early twentieth-century hand-cut Italian and French founts to capture the imagination of readers young and old. Casey Sorrow brings to life Joyce’s curious ‘Københavnere’ with ingeniously playful pen-and-ink drawings, specially commissioned, and printed by typographique cliché.

The Numbered issue, printed on Fedrigoni Freelife Vellum, is in double-elephant sextos and hand-bound in one-quarter cloth over marbled boards. The publishers state:

"The book was conceived not as a commercial venture but as a carefully crafted tribute to a rather different Joyce, the family man and grandfather who was a fine storyteller, much like his own father John Stanislaus," wrote Herbert. So you can judge for yourself when you see the volume.

There are many such examples of interesting ownership amongst our stock and is an indication of one of the many values that a book possesses. A book held by a loved one, a book held and signed by the author or perhaps a book containing notes in the hand of a scholar who has added to the sum of knowledge contained in the work. All of these things make a printed volume special and personalised. We have books many centuries old, using them is like holding history and memory in the palm of your hand. An ancient leather binding redolent of the past. An animal skin tanned centuries ago after grazing in the ancient fields, paper made from rags, pulp and water, the type all set by hand and printed laboriously page by page on a wooden or cast iron press, be it an Albion or Columbian. The pages then folded and collated, sewn in gatherings and bound in that animal hide. Cared for and used by centuries of hands now gone and literally handed down to us to further use. Such is an ancient book steeped in its past lives and bearing the scars and evidence of long usage, a signature here a note there, even perhaps a tear stain of a former owner.

Tilly Tilly

Tilly has now settled into the bookshop routine well. She has thrived in her new home and as her condition has improved she has grown a nice curly coat and now looks fully the part as a Welsh Collie should. We can see that she feels that she has fallen on her paws and appears to be enjoying her new life. At Rickaro Books she can often be found sleeping under the desk, so if she makes an occasional bark at a customer she certainly means no harm and soon makes customers and their visiting dogs welcome. Sox of course still leaves a gap, but Tilly has added a different character to our business.


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Ian McMillan at Rickaro

Books for all at Rickaro

We carry a wide range of new books for all ages and tastes. In addition we offer great prices with discount off many leading titles. We can also obtain any of over 100,000 in-print titles within 24 hours so a visit to Rickaro is rewarding in more ways than one. Why pay postage and why have to wait for a book when you can visit Horbury?

We have a great range of new children’s books always available in stock, something for all ages and tastes. We are pleased to supply schools with a rapid service and can offer an educational discount for quantity purchases.

Bring Mum and the Grandparents along and they will find books from their childhood in our collectable section, see them drool over Enid Blyton, Elinor Brent Dyer, Elsie Oxenham and many other previously popular authors. Share their excitement in re-discovering these lost favourites all over again.

As well as all the best and latest in new books we always carry an interesting selection of collectable and antiquarian titles. Our specialities are military, T.E. Lawrence (Lawrence of Arabia), children’s material and local history relating to the West Riding of Yorkshire. We have recently acquired a large collection of material relating to the Wakefield district so why not contact us and see if we have that title that you have been seeking.

We look forward to welcoming you to our shop and town.


Sox the bookshop border collie

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